Update on the service and COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all NHS services. However, we continue to function and although we cannot do all the things we did before, we are committed to providing as full a service as possible to patients and referring clinicians. Currently, this is what we can provide:

  1. Referrals - we have never closed to referrals and these will be reviewed, as usual, in our weekly team meetings (taking place via videoconference). If you have any questions about a referral, or would like to discuss something, please get in touch.
  2. Assessments - although we are not currently able to assess people face-to-face, we are able to conduct the assessment via videoconference (Zoom, Skype, etc.). This means that people can be assessed in the comfort of their own homes and do not have to travel. We are flexibly adapting our assessment process which means that it can take place over multiple days and people should not expect a full-day assessment (as previously). We are confident that this allows a comprehensive review of the patient's condition so that treatment recommendations can be made.
  3. Intensive treatment for OCD - we cannot provide therapist-guided exposure-and-response prevention at the current time due to the pandemic. For those individuals who would be receiving such treatment, we are shifting to delivery of treatment via videoconference. The team has experience in a range of treatments that can effectively be delivered online. When things return to something more closely resembling 'normal', if someone still needs intensive/ inpatient treatment, this will be offered.
  4. Neurosurgical treatment - for a range of reasons (limitations on travel, changes in service provision in the NHS), this is not currently available. We are in close contact with neurosurgical colleagues in London who perform the surgery so that we can keep people informed about when it is possible for people to travel for surgery.
  5. Follow-up reviews - for people who would normally be reviewed in Dundee because they have previously had neurosurgical treatment or received intensive treatment, we will be getting in touch to discuss options for conducting the clinical part of the review via videoconference. Since people cannot travel to Dundee currently, we will have to postpone the neuropsychological assessment and/or MRI scans, but we hope that the clinical reviews will allow us to discuss relevant treatment options with the individuals and their local teams.


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