An introduction to Inference-Based Therapy (IBT) - Evidence base

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What's the evidence base to support treatment

ERP is undoubtedly more 'established' but IBT is developing an evidence base to support its use. We have compared the number of RCTs (randomised controlled trials) involving both treatments, and this is summarised in the table below.

Total no. of RCTs 42 3
Total patients (N) 2,226 189
Type of control group (active vs inactive) 36:6 2:1
Baseline Y-BOCS score (Mean ± SD)

24.5 ± 4.5

22.3 ± 5.2


Further reading

We have presented two posters at conferences about the use of IBT to treat OCD. These are shown below. Click on the image to download the poster as PDF.

Treatment of repugnant obsessions (2018)
Treatment of repugnant obsessions (2018)
ERP vs IBT (2019)